Years grow shorter not longer...

So as many of you know I'm (kind of) a big Jimmy Buffett fan and while most people kind of think that it's all about the margaritas and mayhem, it's really about more than that. Don't get me wrong, the icy cold salted margaritas are great, as is the party in the parking lot when Buffett rolls into town. The parrotheads flock to the parking lot hours early, setting up tents, tiki bars, mock beaches complete with mini pools, and so much more. We spend the day dressed in tropical shirts, wearing flower leis and grass skirts. We drink margaritas, umbrella drinks, and coronas, laugh, and everyone is happy. We have no worries or troubles. We have "escaped" into the place we'd like to spend our time every day. After the parking lot we head into the concert where we sing every word to ever song and it never gets old. Truth be told, the concert ends far too soon and we head back to the parking lot to our cars waiting to take us back to our everyday lives.
But it's in our daily lives where the fact that you're a parrothead really shines through. Jimmy Buffett is first and foremost the ultimate dreamer. His stories tell a song, and speak a truth that we just seem to all understand. His lyrics remind us that we are on this earth only for a short time and we should all enjoy the ride. The years do seem to grow shorter, it's no lie, in a blink of an eye, it goes from New Years to Summer to Christmas. As a child you think that life goes on forever and the days seem to never end. Somehow, as adults in this hectic world, we lose sight of that. Have we just lost our childhood innocence? Is there away to get it back? I think that the music and escapism of listening to Jimmy Buffett kind of gives us that .. if only temporarily.

The trick, I think, is figuring out how to keep that feeling permanently -- Not feeling the need to "escape" but enjoying every minute and every day you have here -- because it'll be over before we know it.