It's January 13th already -- new years was almost 2 weeks ago. My how time flies, doesn't it?
Anyway, I did manage to make several resolutions this year -- except I'm not really calling them 'resolutions' -- I've never been super successful with any New Years resolution so I figure I best be calling it something else for a greater chance of success.
So -- what are my 2009 goals? Glad you asked!

  • Eat more green vegetables

  • No trans fats! This will involve some label reading because not all foods that advertise "0 trans fats" are actually free of trans fats. You have to look at the ingredients and if you see "partially hydrogenated" oils .. bam! Trans fats. The labels can say 0 if they are less than .5 gram -- so this means that foods with hydrogenated oils have up to .4 of trans fats, and if you eat several servings of these "sneaky" foods, you could be getting a lot of unexpected trans fats

  • Diet. Well not really a diet per say -- but healthy eating. Whole foods -- and only 20% fat per day.

  • Increasing good fats like almonds, salmon, avocados

  • Drinking more water -- I used to be so good with the water but lately I have just stopped. I need to go back to ensuring at least 64oz per day

  • Drink green tea - it's so good for you so I'd like to drink at least 1C per day

  • Ditch the fried foods -- I never really used to eat them that much but for the past year or so they've crept back into my diet. I want to eliminate them as much as possible. I do know that here and there it may be unavoidable but I will try to avoid at all costs. Besides, a baked sweet potato tastes just as good as french fries to me

  • Tracking calories - I want to track everyday so I can see my progress.

  • Exercise. I need to get back into it. I never really enjoyed it but I do know it's a necessity. Ideally I'd like to aim for 5x per week but I'll be overjoyed with 3x per week at this point

  • De cluttering! This is a big one. I have TONS of shoes, handbags, and clothes that I need to sort through and get rid of. I want to have an organized closet! I plan to sell off my spendy bags and shoes and donate the clothing. With the handbag money, I'll probably buy more handbags, but my collection will be more rounded and I'll only keep bags that I will carry.

Long list, huh. Well I 'officially' started on January 7th. I have remained on track for all the health goals and I have lost 5.4 pounds (note the neat ticker I have on the right side of the page (if you're reading this on my blog site)-- it will update as I lose weight). I haven't started exercising or de-cluttering but that is coming soon!