Visions of sugar plums

Ever watch an old(er) movie, music video, TV show, etc and think to yourself, "I wonder if these people are still alive?" I'm not talking about celebrities - I'm talking about random people you have never heard of, background people, extras, even the animals! I don't know if it's morbid or just a natural thought that other people have as well.
When I watch something, I think like - "ok so this tv show was filmed in like, 1977 - that's almost 30 years ago - I wonder if that guy over there in the background, with the long hair and striped shirt is still alive" or worse, I think - "ok so this tv show was filmed in like 1977, so that cute dog over there, is 100% most certainly DEAD.". And then I feel bad. I think about if the dog had a good life. As for the people, I also kind of wonder what they did after making the tv show/video/movie/etc. Sometimes I even make stuff up about them - an alleged sort of life that explains in my head who they really are. Weird.