Sunday sunday sunday!! (I love dive bars)

I love dive bars. A few of us went to a dive bar last night. Found out beer was $9 a pitcher instead of $7. I had previously thought that $7 was expensive for a pitcher of crap beer in a dive bar and so I was surprised at the $2 price hike. Seems that more and more people want to "slum it" at a dive bar.... causing them to raise their prices.
The crowd was eclectic - it was karoake night. We saw everyone; group home residents wearing slippers, homeless people, dirty old man drunks, college kids, artsy folks with some cool tattoos, punks with some very interesting hair, gangstas, hockey players, and of course the karoake requirement: American Idol wanna be's!
Another favorite dive bar of mine has black walls, a "in the round" type bar with non-movable bar stools. The requisite jar of pickled eggs sits on the bar along with some bags of chips from 1985. Bottled beer is key. Here, you don't get the draft beer - the glasses are too scary; crusted up with all sorts of science fair gone wrong sticky stuff. Squatting is an abosolute must!! The bathroom is a 2x2 foot room with a wood palate on the floor (to save you from stepping in the puddle of god knows what on the ground) and the toilet is permanently stained a nasty brown color. The jukebox kicks ass and they even have a pool table (not level of course).. This place rocks!


ann said...

As a matter of fact I remember this night-- being one of the star performers! I reviewed the date of 2004 and really do recall this-- "Love Shack"