Chilled to the Bone

Ever hear those people that say, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity"? What do you think of when you hear these toolbags say this? Am I to assume these people truly believe that if there was no humidity that the 100 degree temperature wouldn't be that bad? Perhaps these idiots might like to take a trip to the Grand Canyon in July - 115 degrees in the shade, not a stitch of humidity. Know what they'd say then? "It's a dry heat; it's not that bad". Whaaaat?? Dry heat? As if this heat isn't as bad as the "hot and humid" heat? An egg won't fry on your dashboard because the heat is DRY?

Give me a break.

These are the same people who complain all winter long that it's "tooooo cold.. brrrr" but in the summer complain that it's "toooooo hot (and humid)". In the spring it's "tooooooo wet and rainy" and in the fall, it's just "sweater weather".

Why can't we just enjoy the current state of the weather rather than gripe about it and long for something else - only to complain about that, once it arrives. By the way, did I mention it's wicked friggin' humid today? Boy do I long for those cool September days...