Kick me!

So I'm the type of gal that goes on various types of 'kicks' -- it maybe a food (my "Mexican food kick" certainly didn't do much for my diet (or my love life!!)), or an activity (like my "staying up late playing Cake Mania" kick -- don't laugh I know I'm not the only one!), or a task (like my recent "constantly search for cheap vacation deals, even though there's no possible way I can travel right now" kick), or an article of clothing (like my "obsessed with underwear" kick -- I seriously bought an insane amount of underwear in like a 2 week timespan.. nuts!!)
Basically, I find that I LOVE something, and then I suddenly cannot live without it - I feel compelled to constantly do/eat/buy whatever my current "kick' is. In a matter of time (something usually around a month or two), the kick is over .. and sometimes I even laugh at my obsessions --- like I see the Cake Mania icon on my desktop and chuckle - God I was so tapped playing that silly game until like 3.. ok 4 AM !!

My new kick is Coach. I hope it's not just a kick though -- I've always loved Coach. My first Coach bag was a beautiful green Optic Hobo with ladybugs on it (courtesy of the best BF ever). I LOVED that bag but would never spend that kind of money on a bag; he did - and I was hooked. Anyway, fast forward to about 2 years later, and I seriously cannot get enough Coach! I have bought wristlets, scarfs, charms, bags, and am considering dropping some serious dough on not one, but TWO bags, a wallet, and a(nother) charm.
Do I need all this stuff? Is this just another "kick" that I'll be remembering fondly -- my "love affair with Coach kick" ??
Right now I'm in the middle of it so, of course, in my mind, this is so NOT a kick -- it will never end. I will own and carry my Coach babies forever (or at least that's how I justify the spending?).
So where is this blog entry going? I'm not sure -- I guess I'll find out if this is just another one of my kicks (like the "getting sloshed on washington apple martini" kick) or something that will last longer. I hope it's the latter!


Katie said...

Have to say the Coach kick definitely ended but the handbag kick is in full swing... Rebecca Minkoff, Balenciaga, Belen Echandia, Chloe, Hayden Harnett, Linea Pelle, just to name a *few*....