Shower me with love

So my sisters wedding shower was last Sunday. It went off without a hitch. I can't quite explain the level of stress I was under prior to the shower. Nothing went wrong, a few people even indicated it was the BEST shower they had ever been to! One woman even said I should become a party planner (a secret dream of mine for a while now). It was tropical themed (anyone who knows me or Kara wouldn't be surprised at that, I'm sure) and you felt the "sunny warmth" even though there was snow on the ground outside and it was 30 degrees F. When you walked in you were hit by the heat from 3 fireplaces. The room was a warm yellow color; Tropical flowers were everywhere. Island steel drum music played in the background making you feel as if you had stepped into a bar/restaurant in an exotic tropical destination. Everyone was given flower leis; drinks were served with fancy tropical umbrellas.

The cake

Fabulous, right? Wrong. Hours (and days) later, I'm STILL so stressed out!

Before the shower I thought "all my worries will be gone once the shower is over." Well, my worries didn't go away, AND now I'm not even sure what it is that I'm so worried about!

Kara loved the shower and the bridesmaids that planned it with me had a great time as well.

OK now on to the bachelorette party!


Mephistopheles said...

Its been so long without a post! I was getting worried! My RSS reader kept dry-heaving on your site with nothing to spit out at me. Sounds like the shower went well. Gratz!