Island time

A while back, I visited Barbados for a vacation. While we were there, we rented a little car so we could explore the island. One morning, we headed out early and lo and behold, what did we come across? Traffic. Now, Barbados doesn't really have a highway system so this traffic was nothing like traffic jams we have here in the US. In Barbados it's more of a single lane road with smaller roads perpindicular to it. People live on the perpindicular roads and are trying to merge into the traffic, which moves fairly slowly indeed.
So there we were, trying to turn left (towards Bridgetown - we were in St. Lawrence Gap) and faced with traffic. Matt and I just kind of looked at each other in frustration, but almost as soon as we arrived at the intersection, someone let us go - and they didn't just let us go, they let the 5 or so other cars behind us go as well. I was amazed. And it wasn't just the road we were coming in on, every time a road merged, someone stopped and let ALL the cars onto the road. I'm thinking to myself, "Don't these people have to get to work?? They're going to be late!" and I actually started to get all worked up about it. As we continued to sit in traffic I began to see that this is just another facet of "island life" in motion - the laid back, "not in a hurry" kind of attitude that I love - Why is it that I don't mind waiting a few minutes for a cocktail in a bar in Barbados, but home, if the bartender hasn't started working on my drink within 5 seconds of my ordering it, I start to get upset. I am so impatient.

Here in the US (at least in New England), IF someone lets you go they hurry up and get on your tail so that no more than one person is allowed into traffic. God forbid the guy behind you also gets to turn onto the road. Sometimes nobody will let you merge into traffic and they don't even look at you -- it's like people have this feeling that if they don't look at you, they can ignore you. Now, I admit, I am completely guilty of all this as well. We are in such a hurry that we forget sometimes the common pleasantries and courtesies we owe each other. Why are we so concerned with "not letting people get ahead of us" or "getting there first"? Are we all always running late or could we take a few seconds and allow someone to go in front of us? I know I can, and I will start to (try to) improve my level of impatience while driving. While sitting in traffic, I can pretend I'm back on sunny Barbados, on Island Time...