Point du jour

Point: Why do we care what Mel Gibson thinks about Jews? Furthermore, why should the Jews care what Mel Gibson thinks, either?
I mean why do we give celebrites so much power/authority? They are just beautiful people that make movies - they are not people that should be leading the thoughts and ideals of this country, religious or otherwise!
I read the following quote online today, "His apology prompted one rabbi to invite Gibson to speak at his temple on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. Other Jewish leaders say the healing process will take some time."
Healing time? Are you kidding??
He was piss drunk (an admitted alcoholic) and said some anti-Jewish statements to the arresting officer. Healing time? For who?
Again I just don't get why the Jewish community needs to HEAL when an actor/director babbles something to an officer during a drunk driving arrest. It becomes all about his drunken comments and subsequent "heartfelt apology" for his anti-Jewish comments - and then it becomes about the "healing" of the Jewish community. Again - is there something I don't quite understand here??
People, lets not forget that we have freedom of speech in this country. He's allowed to have his opinions whether or not they're politically correct (or even true). The fact that he has sobered up and said they are not his real opinons should just make the whole thing moot. But no. The Jewish community needs time to heal, call the press.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing this because I'm a Mel Gibson fan. I'm just sick and tired of reading front page news stories about his dumbass comments and his lame apology. Mostly, I'm just outraged that someone drunk out of their gourd said some stupid comment to a cop gets to be classified as NEWS, and for DAYS on end. I'm tired of it all.


DarrellH said...

I think people should just ignore actors entirely. Just because they're good at pretending to be someone else in no way guarantees them to be intelligent, useful members of society. Some of them are, but correlation does not imply causation of course.


ann said...

I must agree with your post on Mel! Why do we make such a big deal about what they say and do? Who cares that Lindsay Lohan now wants to visit Iraq w/ Hilary Clinton to boot? This is all I've heard about in the last week. She's 20 years old and her idol is Marilyn Monroe! She wants to emulate her pinup girl image during the times she visited and entertained soldiers! She's doing a good job at emulating the drinking and drugs that's for sure. I must say though many actors are intelligent or they could not perform as well as they do but to put them on a pedestal and look at them as authority figures on foreign policy and domestic decisions in the senate is absurd. Sadly the general public is stupid enough to fall for their "act".