Walking contradiction

Ok so I kind of came to a realization the other day - I'm a walking contradiction (at least in a fashion sense...) !

I mean I was out and about this weekend, and I began to look around at everyone - they all were dressed in what I would call a "style". Preppy, country-club, couture, ghetto fabulous, granola, grundge, grandma, etc - they all "fit in" to a certain style classification. You could look at these people, and kind of get what/who they are based on what they were wearing.

So I looked at myself and here's what I saw:

  • Big black Baby Phat sunglasses (Ghetto fabulous)
  • Coach purse (Designer, trendy)
  • Distressed brown Leather flat thong sandals (Hippie chic)
  • Brown khaki capri "dockers style" pants (Preppy)
  • Cream colored silk tank top with green cotton crochet vneck sweater (?? meets granola?)
So I felt kind of silly. I mean why can't I have a particular style? I mean I wouldn't describe myself as one particular style. I don't shop exclusively at one particular store or department at Nordstroms.

So my question is - Do you have to "fit in" to a certain style classification to be considered stylish?

I began to think more and more about it and my first instinct was to say, "Well my style is a blend of other styles". But the more I thought of it, was I taking the easy way out? I mean can a persons sense of personal style simply be a mish-mash of pieces from other styles?

This all kind of coincided, timing wise, with cleaning out my closets. I had previously decided to sell all my "nice" clothes that I didn't wear to a consignment shop. I thought about the clothing I was getting rid if - there were over 150 pieces in all - it all didnt fit into a style either! I mean I'm getting rid of everything from suede to satin to Ralph Lauren to items from Hot Topic.

So I guess what I need to figure out is - Do I have my own style? Does it even matter? I mean do your clothes define who you are? Looking around at people, I tend to think sometimes people DO fit in with their style and other times, I think they may be pretending (or striving?) to be something they're not.

I certainly don't want to fit into that last category - I don't want to try to be something I'm not. So maybe my hodge podge style is me.. Who knows.


ann said...

I'm on the "walking contradiction" wavelength w/ you!